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New factories: the future of production is digital

Increase productivity, efficiency, and transparency in the manufacturing process using digital solutions

Utilizing the potential of digitalization

Digitalization provides manufacturing companies with data-driven solutions and networking using IoT for greater transparency in value streams and generates higher productivity through optimized machine utilization and better quality assurance. However, utilizing the potential of digitalization requires companies to manage increasing complexity and face various challenges. T-Systems helps to simplify business processes.

The challenges

A hand points to a virtual dashboard, a robot arm can be seen in the background.
  • Create greater transparency through the entire production process
  • Manage increasing production complexity
  • Improve the effectiveness of the entire system
  • Drive product and service innovation

"Now is the time to get serious about the smart factory of the future"

How can the industry use the crisis to its advantage? T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh explained this at the Digital Days, the online event of the Hannover Messe, on July 15. Watch the recording now and also find out which three factors make a factory the factory of the future.

Create greater transparency through the entire production process

An arm is typing on a laptop keyboard, in the background is a factory hall with several robot arms.

By linking data from their entire value creation process, manufacturing companies gain transparency across the entire production line and can generate added value for themselves. A prerequisite for this is the interoperability of the company’s systems with those of the machine manufacturers. T-Systems supports companies in ensuring the functionality of the interfaces and managing complexity.

Manage increasing production complexity

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Autonomous or semi-autonomous systems such as robots or mixed reality applications help employees when various or individualized products are built on production lines. T-Systems helps companies ensure that man and machine work together smoothly.

Improve the effectiveness of the entire system

In the foreground is a dashboard, in the background a robot arm.

T-Systems’ digital solutions ensure that companies can optimize the efficiency of their entire system. For example, by increasing machine utilization while maintaining the high quality of the products, or through predictive maintenance of the equipment in order to keep production downtimes to a minimum.

Drive product and service innovation

A hand with a Smart Watch on its wrist reaches for a car door on which virtual patterns can be seen.

Digitalization gives manufacturers the opportunity to use data to learn more about the needs of their customers. T-Systems helps companies use this data to create added value for customers in the development of innovative products and services, enabling them to hold their own in a highly competitive market.

How we meet these challenges in practice

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