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A corporate network for Uniper

Energy company Uniper uses a corporate network provided by T-Systems

logo Uniper

In 2016 the Essen-headquartered E.ON Group founded a company, Uniper, based in Düsseldorf, that is now one of the world’s largest energy suppliers. For the IT the spin-off meant a total rebuild of data center, applications and networks. For Uniper CIO Damian Bunyan it was a major challenge that he also saw as an opportunity. His first decision was not to set up a data center of the company’s own but to opt for a cloud solution. Together with T-Systems Account Executive Ralf Stuke he describes the challenges that setting up a stable corporate network poses and the benefits that using standardized products have brought for connectivity. In the film the CIO enthuses about the cable-free operation with seamless authentication for mobile devices that proved so easy to implement.

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