A female doctor in front of a digital screen
May 24 2024 | Healthcare

Private cloud in healthcare

Read how private cloud can empower healthcare digital platforms for innovation, efficiency, and compliance at scale.

Employee with VR glasses in an abstract office building
January 10 2024 | Security

Better protection for the digital workplace and IoT devices

Cybersecurity in decentralized environments: know exactly what is happening in the IT systems and the network with SIEM.

Friends doing a home workout
May 02 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

Your AI Health Coach in the metaverse

A sedentary lifestyle is linked to many health problems. Learn about MagMoves and join us on a journey to better health.

Two robot hands hold a piece of folded paper.
June 23 2022 | Healthcare

Digital Ethics

Digitalization fundamentally changes the healthcare sector. Digital ethics are therefore an obligation for companies.

A hand holding a phone which shows health data
November 22 2021 | IoT and Edge

Recreating Healthcare with implantable IoT Devices

Preventive healthcare is needed to cope with chronic and lifestyle induced conditions, and IoT can help. Are you ready for this revolution? 

Two women, one of which is a doctor are sitting at a desk and are looking at an iPad
May 31 2021 | Healthcare

Healthcare Cloud: Fort Knox for healthcare data

With the Telekom Healthcare Cloud, companies in the healthcare sector finally have access to a public cloud that complies with data protection laws and regulations.

Abstract illustration, blue and magenta. Movement through triangular tunnel
March 31 2021 | Retail & Logistics

The T-Systems Industry Map: A new Digitalization Perspective

Experience a whole new way of exploring digital opportunities.

View over Madrid's Gran Via street in the evening sun
February 17 2021 | Healthcare

A Spaniard Digitalizes Clinics Worldwide From His Home

How Javier Martín Martínez consults hospitals around the world.

Brightly lit hospital corridor
January 13 2021 | Healthcare

Hospital Futures Fund: Better digital care

Funding from the federal government – what hospitals need to do now!

An elderly man lies on a hospital bed and holds a nurse’s hand
November 20 2020 | Healthcare

Nursing Gets an Image Makeover: How Digitalization Improves the Image of Nursing Professions

Digital tools finally reveal what nurses and caregivers accomplish every day.

A doctor holds a tablet in her hand.
August 04 2020 | Healthcare

Pandemic push: This is how digital our healthcare system will become.

The coronavirus is the driver for digitalized medicine.

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