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black and white picture of wind turbine
February 24 2023 | Sustainability

Why does sustainability need co-creation?

Achieving our sustainability goals is only possible with new ways of thinking and co-creation.

Business man working on a tablet in a greenhouse
January 20 2023 | Cloud Services

How green is sovereignity?

Sovereignty alone is not enough. Cloud services must also be sustainable. Only then are they fit for the future.

A white cloud floats in a server room
January 20 2023 | Cloud Services

Can digital growth be sustainable?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

Business people hold a plant together
January 02 2023 | Digital

Time to rethink, isn't it?

Digitization is also about taking responsibility and thinking about sustainability right from the start.

Two lakes shaped like footprints
August 29 2022 | Sustainability

Where to go for Green IT?

IT modernization is an excellent way to reduce the environmental footprint of applications.

Two hands hold digital ball which represents the globe
June 09 2022 | Sustainability

How do we sustainably shape supply chain networks?

Cross-sector data ecosystems and data transparency support OEMs or suppliers to comply with complex requirements.

Two hands hold a small globe.
June 01 2022 | Digital

Chemicals, Pharma, Energy: the path to sustainability

How processes, products, and services in the chemical, pharma, and energy sectors are becoming more sustainable thanks to digitalization.

Woman in protective suit films beehive
May 17 2022 | Digital

How we can use AI to better protect the bees

It’s not just virtual hives that benefit from digital image recognition: it can be used in many industries.

Grüne Fußabdrücke auf den Stufen symbolisieren den Kohlenstoff-Fußabdruck.
May 09 2022 | Sustainability

Walking the green talk

Sustainability is on everyone’s bucket list, but how does one go about implementing it in one’s business? Here is how T-Systems is doing it.

A woman holds a digital sphere in her hands
March 10 2022 | Digital

How are we preparing for a digital future?

If we take the right course in digitalization, the path will lead to a sustainable and promising future.

Half of the picture is a green forest next to a big city from above
February 15 2022 | Digital

Why Gen Z is vital to Your Sustainability

For a green and sustainable future, we need to hear the voices of Generation Z in every boardroom.

A robotic hand holds a pile of earth and a tree is growing from it
August 11 2021 | Digital

Conserve Resources and protect the Environment with AI

How artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on sustainability in almost all industries.

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