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Closeup female face with layer of polygon visuals
September 05 2023 | Sustainability

How do companies strike a balance with AI?

ChatGPT, hyperautomation, robotics – AI enables many innovations. But when dealing with AI, we need to think in a new way.

Office building with green window facade against blue sky
August 21 2023 | Sustainability

How the sovereign cloud helps the environment

Public clouds conserve resources, but the sovereign cloud also helps with compliance and data protection guidelines.

hand holding smartphone with globe icon against green background
June 21 2023 | Sustainability

Is ChatGPT a smarter sustainability consultant?

ChatGPT amazes people with its knowledge. But is that enough to deliver sustainability strategies as well? More about this in the blog.

Group of paper airplanes in one direction and one pointing in the different way
June 16 2023 | Sustainability

Three scenarios for mainframe modernization

Mainframe computers are essential to many industries but operating them poses challenges. Here’s how to overcome them.

Businessman and woman sitting in front of green plant wall, using laptop
June 14 2023 | Chief Tomorrow Officer

Green your office space with ‘Green it!’

Get a sneak peek of our up-and-coming green application to reduce your office building’s environmental impact quickly.

Menschenfinger und Roboterfinger
May 26 2023 | Digital

Using generative AI on the path to business success

T-Systems supports you on your path to innovative AI applications like ChatGPT. 

April 25 2023 | Public Transport

Can AI enable sustainability for public transport?

Driver-less automated buses could help relieve the emissions pressure and make travel cost-effective.

Ein Baum umzingelt von Gebäuden
April 25 2023 | Sustainability

Are sustainable buildings just a fairy tale?

As one of the biggest drivers of CO2 emissions, it´s time to rethink and seize opportunities with green IT and mindset.

pulse line from grass with water drops
April 17 2023 | Digital

Green at the touch of a button?

Wouldn't that be lovely. But we first need to understand where precisely we are when it comes to the subject of sustainability.

April 14 2023 | Sustainability

Emotional Sustainability in The Workplace

Corporate sustainability is not just about being green. So, what should the workplace of the future look like?

Two lakes shaped like footprints
April 12 2023 | Sustainability

Where to go for Green IT?

IT modernization is an excellent way to reduce the environmental footprint of applications.

Black and whichte picture of numerous solar pannels
April 04 2023 | Sustainability

Are we smart enough to be sustainable?

What does it take to achieve our environmental goals? Learn how co-creation and the right technology guide the way.

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