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High-rise skyline covered by a digital network
September 29 2021 | Cloud Services

How is edge computing changing our business?

Learn how companies can use edge computing to manage their data streams more efficiently and realize innovative application solutions.

A hand and a robot are holding gears and meet in the middle of the picture
September 27 2021 | Digital

Ensuring future-proof working models with AI

How AI is changing the world of work, setting up New Work environments and helping to drive innovation with transparent data analytics

"Digital Marketing" in big white font with different icons around it. In the background: classic office setting
September 17 2021 | Digital

How digital marketing is shaping our future

Covid-19 accelerated digitization in many areas. A forecast of what the future might look like.

A data base with six bubbles arragned around it including circuit boards
September 09 2021 | Cloud Services

NextGen Data Lake, Data Pipeline Using AWS ETL

Implementing automated data ingestion pipelines using AWS (ETL) services for T-Systems network configurational data

Five people standing and sitting in a futuristic office with a colourful city skyline in the background
September 07 2021 | Digital

Rethinking business models for a sustainable future

How business models are evolving to stay relevant and resilient

A man paints a big yellow circle on a window
September 02 2021 | Digital

Reaching your goals using 360-degree communication

More than email campaigns: How companies master their multi-channel communication

A room full of monitors and one monitor showing a white security lock on a blue background
August 26 2021 | Cloud Services

Automate security incident response in AWS with our API

Resource Isolation is a remediation method of security incident response. Our expert blog walks you through the technical steps for AWS. 

A human and robot finger meet at each side of a glas screen
August 24 2021 | Digital

Hyperautomation – why you can’t ignore it

Hyperautomation is solving some of the biggest headaches for IT architects and data scientists.

A hand putting a coin into a jar filled with coins and a hand typing on a calculator
August 20 2021 | Cloud Services

Optimize your costs in the AWS cloud

Learn how to reduce your cloud costs with the AWS Instance Schedule.

A woman holding a coffee mug and a cell phone surrounded by various symbols
August 13 2021 | Digital

AI – the new normal in digital marketing

What marketing professional doesn’t want to have an AI-assistant that handles all the complex brain challenges and replaces more than just a pocket calculator?

A robotic hand holds a pile of earth and a tree is growing from it
August 11 2021 | Digital

Conserve resources and protect the environment with AI

How artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on sustainability in almost all industries.

Hands on a laptop keyboard under a net of different symbols
August 09 2021 | Digital

Quickly implement new requirements in SAP operation

Manage hybrid SAP environments optimally: how this is easily possible through the interaction of automation and service management

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