Skills Development

Skills Development

T-Systems has a Culture of Giving Back

​​​​​​​T-Systems is committed to the transformational imperatives of South Africa and we stand behind the belief that effective empowerment is critical to business success in South Africa. We have dedicated ourselves to proactively participating in the transformation of South Africa and the broader ICT industry, creating a sustainable economy for ourselves and the communities around us. We strongly believe in economic empowerment, corporate values and ethics, skills development and sustainable business models that favour long-term growth over short term gain.
ICT outsourcing at its heart is all about people, and one of the biggest challenges facing ICT companies in South Africa is a shortage of skilled professionals. Addressing this skills shortage is something we feel passionately about. We are actively involved in education in a number of ways, including our ICT Academy, an internal internship programme, and the recently launched Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (see further information below). Through these initiatives we have been able to make a tangible difference in promoting skills development among the South African youth.
ICT Academy
T-Systems South Africa spearheaded the development of the ICT Academy in 2003. There were eight founding companies, of which four, including T-Systems, remain involved both financially and operationally. The purpose of the ICT Academy is to create a pool of employable graduates with relevant ICT skills and competencies. This will enable the youth to participate and contribute efficiently in a sustainable and competitive South African economy. Since 2003, T-Systems South Africa has continually invested ZAR 3.5 million a year in the Academy.
The ICT Academy programme is registered with the MICT SETA and is aligned with South African Government legislation. The Academy offers a variety of courses designed to give students employable skills. The curriculum at the ICT academy is made up of 70% of theory in the form of facilitation based technical training and 30 % workplace practical where learners are placed in companies to gain exposure.
Since inception, the Academy has produced more than 1502 internationally certified IT graduates, has enjoyed a 95% pass rate and more than 85% employment rate in IT-related fields for graduates.
T-Systems Internship Programme

T-Systems seeks to assist graduates with work experience to enhance their employment potential and aid in personal development. We run a one year internship programme for graduates, which provide them with workplace exposure and help them to enter the job market.
Our internships follow a highly structured programme comprised of 95% practical, on the job training and coaching. The balance of the programme offers mentoring, life skills and technical training to complement the practical skills base. We have defined governance structures in place to support the development of interns. The programme is sponsored by the T-Systems South Africa Executive Committee and is strongly supported by the company as a whole.
Between 2006 and 2011, we have had more than 270 interns on the program. More than 90% of previous interns are employed, and of these 95% are now T-Systems employees. 

Internship intake is an annual process, beginning around March each year. Intermittent vacancies are advertised on our recruitment portal.
Hazyview Digital Learning Centre

T-Systems has invested heavily towards the establishment of a world class Digital Learning Centre in Hazyview, Mpumalanga. The Centre provides critical skills including IT, Tourism and English to the community and the surrounding province.
The Digital Learning Centre is managed by the Good Work Foundation (GWF), and focuses particularly on those individuals who have left the school system early, as well as mature students who have not been able to obtain further education due to economic and other constraints. The education programme runs parallel to the schooling systems and creates access to world-class education for rural learners. Learners also obtain practical and technology skills that prepare them for the job market and allow them to compete in a global environment.
Experienced, retired educators work with and mentor young local educators to ensure educational excellence. The Centre offers accredited teaching programmes including ABET, Molteno Project Method, Lets Sell Lobster and ICDl. It is aligned with the ICT Academy Curriculum and will become a satellite campus in future.
The Hazyview Digital Learning Centre is also paving the way for more ecologically sustainable learning centres. It uses appropriate and renewable energy resources such as solar power to meet its daily energy requirements, as well as harvesting rainwater and using a grey water irrigation system, contributing towards the overall sustainability of its operations.