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White Paper: ALL-IP – Eine Infrastruktur für alle Kommunikationsaufgaben.
Feb 6, 2017 A single infrastructure for all communication tasks. Find out more
IT security for connected cars
White Paper: Secure autonomous driving
Nov 1, 2016 White Paper: Secure autonomous driving Find out more
Open Telekom Cloud
Whitepaper SAP HANA
Sep 16, 2016 The European IAAS option. Find out more
Future Work
Whitepaper: En route to the liquid work era
Aug 5, 2016 Changes to work and their effects on workplaces. Find out more
Digital Workplace Transformation
Auf dem Weg ins Liquid-Work-Zeitalter
Aug 1, 2016 Whitepaper: The digital workplace of the future – what are the benefits, opportunities and risks? What are the fixe steps to transform your workplaces? Find out more
Managed LAN Services
Managed LAN Services
May 23, 2016 Addressing the challenges of digitization Find out more
Hybrid Networks
Apr 26, 2016 White Paper: Hybrid networks and cloud computing Find out more
The cloud becomes hybrid
Whitepaper: On the way to a hybrid future with SAP
Apr 1, 2016 White Paper: On the way to a hybrid future with SAP Find out more
Public Cloud Market
Public Cloud Market
Mar 23, 2016 The Public Cloud on Its Way into Enterprise IT Find out more