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René Phan

Chapter Lead – Artificial Intelligence

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René Phan – Chapter Lead – Artificial Intelligence

René Phan has completed his Master’s degree in Business management and has been with T-Systems since 2017. Having strong mathematical and business management background makes it easier to bring in cross functional and conceptual knowledge to implement and device data driven solutions which forms a key driving aspect to meet business objectives. René is an avid innovator and has cultivated immensely strong coding skills over a substantial period. He has exhibited his skills in gathering business requirements for mobile app development. He is also a founder and CEO of his own start up Arundo GbR where he primarily focused on business development, marketing and supervising iOS development.

Since 2017, René has been managing the Data Science and Analytics teams within T-Systems. His leadership skills and keen interest in Artificial intelligence has enabled him to now head AI team as well, which established his new journey in T-Systems as Chapter Lead for AI.

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