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September 27 2022 | Cloud Services

Perfect Roadmap for the SAP S/4HANA Migration

Thanks to a preliminary study, Murrelektronik can better estimate and plan the time and resources needed for the SAP transformation.

Cloud Dateien fliegen aus Laptop heraus an welchem ein Mann arbeitet
September 22 2022 | Cloud Services

Say Goodbye to Manual IP Address Allocation

Replace your spreadsheet based CIDR allocation list with AWS IPAM. Read our guide to Amazon’s VPC IP Address Manager.

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September 22 2022 | Cloud Services

Secure SLA Monitoring in the Public Cloud

Financial institutions must guarantee compliance with SLAs in the public cloud. How SLA Monitoring can help you here.

Women sitting in front of a computer and working with html codes
September 16 2022 | Cloud Services

The Advantages of AWS Fargate Services

If you need to monitor all IP traffic, including the payload, consider using AWS’s VPC Traffic Mirroring.

Man with VR headset in the metaverse
September 09 2022 | Innovation

Discover the Metaverse with T-Systems

What opportunities does the metaverse offer? Technical developments by T-Systems allow this to be within reach.

A man looks at a laptop and smiles
September 02 2022 | Digital

Career entry via the metaverse?

While companies are fighting for suitable talent, the upcoming generation does not know what will await them on the job market, what they can expect, and what is required. How can these two problems be approached and solved together?

Two lakes shaped like footprints
August 29 2022 | Sustainability

Where to go for Green IT?

IT modernization is an excellent way to reduce the environmental footprint of applications.

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August 26 2022 | Cloud Services

Are You Well prepared for Your SAP S/4HANA Migration?

Find out how companies should clean up their SAP landscape for a faster and more cost-effective migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Digital Illustration of Implementing Cloud Technologies
August 22 2022 | Cloud Services

Introducing the AWS Network Firewall

Protect your AWS environments in a simpler way. See how to set up a centralized egress firewall in multiple accounts.

Two men holding an iPad and talking.
August 16 2022 | Security

Automatically Apply the Principle of Least Privilege

Keep control over your AWS resources with our solution for permissions automation.  

Business man working on a tablet in a greenhouse
August 02 2022 | Cloud Services

How to make the sovereign cloud green

Sovereignty alone is not enough. Cloud services must also be sustainable. Only then are they fit for the future.

A man showing his colleague something on the computer
July 25 2022 | Cloud Services

SAP Licenses Fully Under Control

How companies are optimizing their SAP license management and cutting license costs by up to 40% on average.

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