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Black and whichte picture of numerous solar pannels
March 27 2023 | Sustainability

Are we smart enough to be sustainable?

What does it take to achieve our environmental goals? Learn how co-creation and the right technology guide the way.

Coworker in a office
March 17 2023 | Advisory

Cybersecurity isn’t a Cost but an Investment

Find out why cybersecurity must be seen as an investment and how to strengthen security with assessments.

Man is holding a tablet.
March 07 2023 | Strategy

Why you can’t afford to ignore MDR in your Cybersecurity Strategy

Learn why an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution may not be sufficient for your endpoint security.

Woman in a business meeting
March 06 2023 | Cloud Services

The holy Grail of AWS Cost Optimization

Are you tired of skyrocketing AWS bills? Learn how to optimize your cloud costs and maximize your AWS savings plans. 

Geschäftsleute in einer Besprechung
March 01 2023 | Cloud Services

T-Systems achieves new SAP BTP certification

The SAP Platinum Partner is one of only three IT providers to pilot the SAP Business Technology Platform certification for SAP BTP Operations.

black and white picture of wind turbine
February 24 2023 | Sustainability

Why does sustainability need co-creation?

Achieving our sustainability goals is only possible with new ways of thinking and co-creation.

3 business men walking with a cloud above their head
February 14 2023 | Cloud Services

The biggest hurdle to digitalization

Address your cloud skills shortage with AWS managed services to implement your digitalization projects.

Business people sitting in a conference room
February 09 2023 | Strategy

Why modern businesses need a cyber resilience strategy

Find out the growing threat landscape, why businesses need to be resilient, and what steps they can take to become resilient.

High-rise skyline covered by a digital network
January 31 2023 | Cloud Services

How is Edge Computing changing our business?

Manage data streams more efficiently and realize innovative application solutions for more sustainability with Edge computing.

A white cloud floats in a server room
January 20 2023 | Cloud Services

Can digital growth be sustainable?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

Business man working on a tablet in a greenhouse
January 20 2023 | Cloud Services

How green is sovereignity?

Sovereignty alone is not enough. Cloud services must also be sustainable. Only then are they fit for the future.

Businessmen sitting in a conference room.
January 18 2023 | Digital

SAP S/4HANA transformation on course for success

T-Systems is supporting the DLR in planning its time and resource-intensive ERP migration.

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