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Four People watching at the same computer screen.
December 07 2022 | Cloud Services

Digital innovation in focus

A recent PAC study highlights the drivers of digital transformation and the most important core technologies.

magenta glowing shackle lock on board
November 30 2022 | Cloud Services

External Key Management for AWS users by T-Systems

T-Systems to manage data encryption keys for customers using AWS Cloud.

Generic modern car with T-Systems and Catena X logo
November 18 2022 | Automotive

Digital verified credentials for Catena-X

Gaia-X Digital Clearing House for the Catena-X Automotive Industry Network.

Telekom flags in front of Telekom building
November 08 2022 | Cloud Services

Telekom delivers digitalization “Made in Germany”

Deutsche Telekom grows with business customers: New unit for digital customer experiences. T-Systems at the core of the digital strategy.

Portait Jussi Wacklin, CMO T-Systems
November 01 2022 | Strategy

Jussi Wacklin joins T-Systems as Chief Marketing Officer

Strong marketing as a basis for professional, outstanding customer experiences.

AWS Control Tower Launch Partner
October 28 2022 | Cloud Services

Competence for security and compliance

T-Systems is now a partner for AWS Control Tower Services.

MAN technician checks values in a factory
October 13 2022 | Cloud Services

T-Systems brings MAN Energy Solutions into the cloud

More flexibility and scalability by moving the IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Christian Hort accepts the IT Award
September 29 2022 | Automotive

T-Systems once again in first place

T-Systems is once again the largest IT service provider in the automotive industry in Germany – for the 13th time in a row.

View of woman's hand plugging in charging lead to her electric car.
September 28 2022 | Automotive

Speeding into e-mobility

T-Systems launches management platform for e-charging infrastructure with Ambika.

Logos Telekom, Haiilo and Google Cloud
September 13 2022 | Cloud Services

Haiilo will rely on the Sovereign Cloud in the future

For secure growth and full control over data with maximum agility.

T-Systems and VM Ware
September 13 2022 | Press

T-Systems builds Center of Excellence for the Cloud on VMware

The closer partnership with VMware will make the transition to the cloud easier, faster and less costly for organizations.

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