Engineers design future cars in car factory
February 14 2024 | Data Intelligence

Catena-X anchors trust on T-Systems

T-Systems’ dedication to data spaces culminated into becoming the first provider for a critical Gaia-X effort.

Data Spaces, T-Systems, IDSA
January 29 2024 | Data Intelligence

T-Systems and IDSA achieve milestone for data spaces

First certification of a connector promotes standardization and interoperability.

A friendly robot enters through an open office door
January 15 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready for AI?

If you want your workers to achieve sustainable results with generative AI, you need to train them and cleanse your data to get it AI-ready.

Emergency warning siren for fire department and disaster control
November 24 2023 | Public Sector

Digitalization for disaster control in NRW

T-Systems is supporting the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in digitalizing its fire and rescue services’ control centers.

Business team digital device technology connecting concept
November 20 2023 | Public Sector

Celebrating two decades of “digital governance”

Read about how T-Systems helped Generalitat de Catalunya successfully embrace digitalization over the past two decades.

Futuristisches Auto fährt durch einen gut beleuchteten Tunnel
June 07 2023 | Cloud Services

AWS and T-Systems to develop dataspace test environment

First sandbox development environment for the automotive industry based on Eclipse and Gaia-X in the US.

 Luftaufnahme einer Menschenmenge mit einer Wolke
May 22 2023 | Cloud Services

Databases? Off to the Cloud!

With tangible advantages, database migration offers the strongest cloud ROI. Learn why.

automated factory with robotic arms and conveyor belt
April 20 2023 | Manufacturing Industries

New data spaces for Manufacturing-X

T-Systems and the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association (VDMA in German) are linking their data spaces.

Earth from space with network structure in magenta
January 25 2023 | Cloud Services

One of the world’s largest data collections to observe our planet

The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen T-Systems as service provider for the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem.

People sitting and working together at a desk
December 14 2022 | Data Intelligence

Fields of Digital Innovation: Analytics & Data Management

How decision-makers are approaching analytics and data management.

Businessman holding tablet with virtual icons hovering over screen.
November 25 2022 | Data Intelligence

How do your peers view digital innovation?

Learn what execs from European companies regard as the goals, drivers, and blockers of their digital innovation projects.

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