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New security center for asia

Increase in IT security: Cyber Defense Center opened in Singapore

December 12 2019

More security against cyber attacks

With the opening of the new Cyber Defense Center (CDC) in Singapore, T-Systems is closing the gap even more tightly against cyber attackers worldwide. Internationally operating customers are given the opportunity to achieve a uniformly high level of security across national borders.

Increasing the level of data protection

"Shi Zi Hua" describes the digital change in China. This is where the asia countries are quite fast compared to the struggling rest of the world. This digital advance has been proven in studies by Microsoft and the IDC analysts in figures: By 2021, at least 60 percent of the companies located there will be pursuing a corporate strategy for the digital transformation. However, the vulnerability of systems increases along with the degree of digitalization. Manufacturing companies, the government, and critical infrastructure operators are increasingly becoming victims of aggressive cyber criminals. In 2018, for example, the South Korean defense server was compromised and data of 1.5 million patients were stolen from the SingHealth health service in Singapore. The need for action has been recognized, only the "what" and "how" are still lacking. Japan and the EU are leading by example by agreeing to mutual recognition of their data protection levels. 

New security center in Singapore

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T-Systems' international business units in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Thailand, China, and Singapore serve a large number of global customers. Over the past three years, T-Systems has invested more than 750 million euros worldwide in order to offer high-end security services in these regions and expand its role as a trusted security partner. Part of this effort is the opening of the Cyber Defense Center (CDC) in Singapore. Together with the new office spaces, it will become the magenta center for cyber defense in the asia area.

Our 17 integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operation Centers around the world are connected to each other. In these centers our experts work in shifts around the clock to detect threats in real time and initiate countermeasures. We are proud to bring our state-of-the-art technology and German data protection standards to Asia to make our customers safer.

Dirk Backofen, former Head of Telekom Security

Transparency of the global risk situation

The CDC in Singapore integrates seamlessly and with the same high standards into Telekom's global security operation network, which consists of 16 additional SOCs (Security Operation Centers). This cyber defense ring spanning all time zones gets attackers sweating. With SOC support, companies can now also achieve a maximum level of security from Singapore. They are supported around the clock: personally, but also through the tool-based, automated exchange of current threat data. Internal, correlated data feeds serve to detect attacks early on and inform all customers simultaneously. The threat data from more than 400 internal and external information sources, such as honeypots, are also made available via the Threat Intelligence Platform after collection and evaluation. In short, customers can fend off attacks virtually in real time. Information on the global threat situation from the exchange of collaborative initiatives around the world is also included. "Sharing is for Caring" is a basic credo of Deutsche Telekom when it comes to IT security. All new information about hacker attacks is shared directly via CERT communities such as FIRST.org, CSSA (Cyber Security Sharing & Analytics), and Trusted Introducer.

Overview of the Security Operation Center locations worldwide

Graphic of the world map at night and identification of the countries in which T-Systems operates a Security Operation Center.

With the opening of the Cyber Defense Center in Singapore, there are now Security Operation Centers in 13 countries: 

  1. Germany
  2. USA
  3. Spain
  4. Mexico
  5. Brazil
  6. Greece
  7. South Africa
  8. Poland
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Slovakia
  11. Hungary
  12. Austria
  13. Singapore

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