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The first fully integrated security service ever

Real-time 24x7 expertise and capabilities of three world-class security operation centers for critical infrastructure

Tackle security challenges at highly competitive costs and enhance compliance

Are you prepared to keep up with changing regulatory requirements and increasing security threats? Do you have the internal expertise to assess and respond to critical situations across IT, OT and physical security? Are high costs a challenge to achieving your security objectives? Do you have aging legacy systems that were not designed for today’s security requirements? We have the right solution for you.

Discover the industry’s first integrated security service

Three global security leaders – Hitachi Energy, Telekom Security, and Securitas – have joined forces to provide real-time 24x7 security monitoring and complete security assessments across the dimensions of cyber security, operations technology security, and physical security. Watch the video to discover more.

Operating context

The ongoing rise in cyber and physical attacks is increasing the risk to critical infrastructure operations. As a result, utility companies need to increase security in all areas of their business. The Industrial Security Center (ISC) creates the transparency necessary to address these issues through a unique combination of expert knowledge and technology-based capabilities. In this way, utility companies can respond quickly and efficiently to attacks across all security disciplines and comply with regulatory requirements at the same time.


Attacks against critical infrastructure have risen to the level of warfare. The Industrial Security Center enables critical infrastructure owners and operators to tackle these challenges with real-time high level protection while complying with security regulations at a lower cost.


The Industrial Security Center aims to provide our customers:

  • Clear and transparent processes for secure operations across IT, OT, and physical locations
  • A unique security offering in the energy sector provided by three world-leading companies
  • Highly competitive costs for security services
  • Managing and sharing knowledge throughout the project lifecycle

Strong security partners

The Industrial Security Center combines the expert knowledge and experience of Hitachi Energy, Securitas, and Telekom Security. Information on cyber, physical, and OT security is collected and analyzed by teams of experts in real-time. The Security Operations Centers process all of the data and react quickly. This allows utility companies to focus on the operation of their plants. The Industrial Security Center takes care of security.

Hitachi Energy


Leading global OEM for OT systems

Hitachi Energy is a provider of technical energy and automation products, systems and service solutions across the supply chain of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution for customers from the utility sector, industry, and the transport and infrastructure sector.


Telekom Security


Expert in protecting critical infrastructure with SOC

Telekom Security operates some of the largest integrated SOC across the globe. It offers expertise in the protection of data and critical infrastructure. With decades of experience, Telekom Security helps companies to respond faster to attacks and threats.



Global leader in physical security

Securitas AB offers a wide range of services, including specialist surveillance, technology solutions, consultation, and investigations. Securitas adapts offers to individual customer requirements in order to deliver the most effective security solutions.


White paper: Critical Infrastructure 2.0

What do critical infrastructure operators have to implement, what obligations – such as the detection of cyberattacks – does this involve, and how can Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH help you do this?

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