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Customized Cyber Security

Real-time security expertise for large companies and global enterprises with Magenta Security Shield Pro & Advanced

Your options – for your company

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Whether you require a full portfolio of SOC and SIEM services out of the box or a high degree of customization to augment your existing solutions, our Magenta Security Shield product family includes all the options you need. Do you want an analyst to contact you pro-actively 24/7 in case of emergency? Do you need help with incident response to mitigate the consequences if an attack on your systems breaks through your defenses?

Should vulnerability management be part of the deal – alongside standard features like analytics, individual analysis and threat hunting from a full-blown SOC? Depending on the nature of your company, e.g., for smaller or medium-sized businesses, a partially pre-configured package of services could be your best option. Conversely, a multi-national corporation is likely to have plenty of trusted tools in place already. Whatever your existing security situation, we are there to bolster it and make it future-proof where reinforcement is really needed. 

Keep attackers out of IT

Does your organization have sufficient resources to prevent cyber attacks? Do you have the right infrastructure and cyber security measures? With this Managed Cyber Defense white paper, you get an overview of security, detection, response, SOC and SIEM, cyber threats, and more.

Harness the power of Security Operations Center

With the Security Operations Center (SOC), we ensure that your systems are monitored for attacks and anomalies, literally every moment of every day. For large companies, it’s the flexibility and scalability of such a service that really counts. It must harmonize with measures you already have in place – and augment them with the expertise and swift reactions of people who spend their entire work lives keeping in step with the risks. Welcome to our Magenta Security Shield product family!

Our SOC solutions are based on our own experiences

Telekom runs one of the leading SOC networks in Europe – and its success is based on the Group’s own experiences. We ourselves use these facilities to protect our own business with its huge networks. That means we know the challenges and solutions involved inside out! And we are offering the same unique protection to you.

In Bonn alone, more than 240 experts ensure the security of Telekom’s systems and those of its customers, and the SOC analyzes up to 20 billion security-related events every single day. We have one of the largest threat intelligence databases in the world. In addition, our threat detection capacities tap bleeding-edge information on new threat patterns through close contacts with other network operators and cyber security companies. We also collaborate with government authorities and globally respected research institutions.

Our cyber defense offerings

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