Updating networks to meet today’s business and security requirements

The corporate networks revolution

Networks: the backbone of digitalization

Corporate networks at their limits: Digitalization demands more and more performance, security and scalability. In order to compete, companies need to modernize their networks now. T-Systems uses innovative technologies to help pave the way for the corporate network of the future.

Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks: wireless and software-defined

Anyone working with digital applications such as cloud services and collaboration tools depends on data being transferred with the necessary quality, security and cost-efficiency. As a result, data traffic and the number of applications and end devices in corporate networks increases rapidly. By investing in their network infrastructure, companies can create the basis for economic success – today and in the future. With consulting, technologies and managed services, T-Systems supports companies wishing to modernize their network.

LTE and 5G for campus networks

Driven by mobile working and the Internet of Things, wireless communication plays an important role in corporate networks today. In Local Area Networks (LANs), the most common technology so far is WiFi . But the increasing demands on performance and reliability of transmission warrant the need for privately usable 4G/5G mobile networks on the company premises. T-Systems operates both types of local wireless networks and advises companies, which technology is best suited at a given time or scenario.

Software-defined networking makes networking easy

In order to meet a wide range of requirements, corporate networks need a variety of technologies – from WiFi to Ethernet and MPLS VPNs to Internet VPNs. However, monitoring and adapting complex networks is costly and time-consuming. One solution is Software-Defined Wide and Local Area Networks (SD-WAN and SD-LAN). These form a homogeneous network overlay and enable even heterogeneous infrastructures to be easily managed. T-Systems covers all technology and service areas relating to SD-WAN and SD-LAN.

Efficient and secure thanks to IP telephony

Telephony is increasingly being used as an application in the data network – without any loss of quality in voice transmission. This is particularly interesting for All-IP migration, as companies no longer need a telephone connection and a telephone system (PBX) per location. They can access a central PBX and a central SIP gateway via their VPN. Depending on the scenario, this often reduces the number of voice channels required by more than half. A network-based Session Border Controller ensures consistent VoIP security.

T-Systems: Services in one place

Using T-Systems’ network solutions, companies can also connect mobile employees and international locations of any size to their corporate infrastructure or to private and public clouds. This is done in a needs-based approach – adapting to the requirements of the customer. As a service provider, T-Systems assumes end-to-end responsibility and, as a single point of contact, also facilitates network management during operation.