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1. Data Privacy and Security Policy

T-Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“T-Systems/Us/We”) and its associated companies are committed to respecting the privacy of personal information. We have created this Privacy and Security Policy to demonstrate this commitment to provide effective policies, procedures, and processes for the appropriate and legal handling of personal information. 
This Policy provides information to the most important questions. 

2. What data is collected and how is it used?

When you use our website, the web server temporarily records the domain name or Internet Protocol (“IP”) address of your computer, the file request such as file name or Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”), the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (“http”) response code and the website from where you are visiting (for example, Google and Bing).
You would be able to use most our website services without us collecting any identifiable personal information from you.
For business communications, we may collect and/or use certain personal information you provide us with for us to respond to a query or request. This may entail information such as your name and surname, your contact information such as telephone number/s; email address or physical address. 

3. Do we use Cookies?

We store some information on your computer using cookies. This enables us to recognise you when you visit our website again.
We collect non-identifiable personal information such as IP address, time and date stamps of your visit, the pages you have browsed and if these pages were delivered to you successfully.
We may also aggregate this information to provide customised services tailored to our visitors’ preferences.
Session cookies are also used. Session cookies are only stored on your computer for the duration of the internet session.
For certain services, we may use persistent cookies. These are used to monitor and personalise contents and are stored on your computer for future sessions.
You can set your browser to prevent cookies from being stored or to delete cookies at the end of your internet session. This may impact the full range of features offered on the website. 

4. Where is my data processed?

Generally, your data is processed in South Africa. Data is only processed outside of South Africa in line with the Protection of Personal Information Act and Deutsche Telekom AG’s Binding Corporate Rules – Privacy. There may be instances where data is processed by one of the subsidiaries in Europe within the Deutsche Telekom Group. In this case, we comply with the legal provisions for cross border data flows.

5. How secure is my personal information? 

We take reasonable technical and organisational steps to protect your personal information against unauthorised access and misuse. T-Systems has implemented policies, procedures, processes, and technology aimed at protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal information. We amend these to keep up with enhanced security services.
T-Systems cannot be held responsible for the privacy and security policies of any sites you may access using links. You should check the policies of each site and contact the specific organisation to respond directly to any queries you may have.
Note that communicating via the internet is inherently risky. Your communications may be routed via several countries before you reach our site. For this reason, we assume no liability or responsibility for interception or the loss of personal information beyond our reasonable control.

6. Will my personal information be passed on to third parties?

We do pass on certain data to third parties subject to compliance with strict contractual and legal requirements.
  • To external service providers:
In some instances, it may be necessary to pass on your data to certain pre- approved suppliers. Service Providers can access personal information within the framework of commissioned data processing. We remain responsible for your personal information and the service provider is required to follow our instructions through strict adherence with contractual requirements, technical and organisational measures and certain checks where required. 
  • Legal Requirements: 
Additionally, we may be required to make certain legal disclosures to comply with legal and/or regulatory obligations.
We will not pass on your personal information to third parties for any other purpose, unless you have consented for us to do so or it is permitted by law. We do not sell  personal information to third parties.

7. What about amendments to the Privacy and Security Policy?

We reserve the right to amend and/or modify this Policy at any time, in response to local laws and at times, international laws.

8. Do you monitor or record calls, emails, or SMS’s?

We may monitor or record calls, emails or sms’s to the extent permissible by law and for business purposes. We may use these recordings for quality management and training purposes.

9. Do you use my contact information for marketing purposes?

Upon your agreement, we may use your contact information for marketing purposes. You have the right to restrict the receipt of unwanted marketing material subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

10. Will my usage habits be evaluated, for example, for advertising purposes?

We, or companies acting on our instruction, create usage profiles under pseudonyms to the extent allowed by law. These may be evaluated for advertising and market research or for designing websites in line with requirements. This information cannot be traced back to you directly. The profile data is not linked to any other information about your person.
The following informs you about the processes used on our website and how you can revoke your consent at any time.
Website analysis with Webtrekk:
We use the services provided by Webtrekk GmbH to record statistical data regarding the usage of the websites and to optimise our services accordingly. Webtrekk is TUV-certified for data privacy in respect of web controlling software. As part of your visit to our websites, information that your browser transfers are collected and analysed. This information is collected by means of a measurement pixel, which is incorporated on each website. A signature is used for recognition purposes. This is made up of various pieces of information from your computer which is automatically transferred. 
Webtrekk also uses the following cookies;
  • Session cookies (for identification of a session, the lifetime is one session)
  • Long term cookie (to detect a new or existing customer for 6 months)
  • Opt-out cookie (where users object to tracking, the validity of which is 60 months)
Webtrekk stores the IP address only in abbreviated form (anonymised) and only uses it for session identification, for geo location (down to city level) and to prevent attacks. The IP address is erased immediately so that the recorded data is anonymous.
You can object to data processing by Webtrekk at any time by following this link :
Hubspot Inc.
Contents on are hosted on HubSpot. Please find below all important information regarding the use of Cookies and about Data Privacy as well as on how HubSpot complies with GDPR.
Tag management with Tealium
Tealium IQ is a tag management system that allows measurement pixels from third-party providers to be loaded onto our websites (e.g. the Webtrekk measurement pixel). To optimize loading of the measurement pixels, Tealium collects certain non-personal data using a cookie. This cookie is only valid for 12 months. The following information is stored in the Tealium cookie:
  • Time stamp of the website visit
  • ID for the website call-up
  • ID for the visitor
  • ID for the session
If you wish to reject the Tealium cookies, you can disable these. Stipulate in your browser settings that cookies from the “” domain should be blocked.

11. What is conversion tracking and how is it used?

If you reached our website via a Google ad, an affiliate ad or a T-Systems email, a cookie is stored on your computer by Google AdWorks or Teradata. This cookie is invalidated after 30 days. No conclusions can be drawn about you as a person from this data. 
We use the information collected with the aid of a conversion cookie to create statistics about our conversion rate. This means that we find out how many users came to our website via a Google ad, an affiliate ad or a T-Systems or Deutsche Telekom email, and acquire a product within 30 days. 
If you don’t want to participate in the tracking process, you can disable cookies for conversion tracking by specifying in your browser settings that cookies from the relevant domain are to be blocked:
  • Google AdWords :
  • Teradata:

12. What about the online chat service?

On our websites you have the opportunity to use our online chat service free of charge and in real time. To this end, the chat service operator LivePerson Netherlands B.V. uses cookies that analyze the website usage. LivePerson Netherlands B.V. creates usage profiles under pseudonyms to the extent permitted by law. This information cannot be traced back to you directly. The profile data is not linked to any other information about your person. You can object to the creation of usage profiles at any time. We use the services provided by LivePerson Netherlands B.V. to record statistical data regarding the usage of this application and to optimize our services accordingly.
To opt out of the online chat service, a cookie entitled “LPOptOut” is set by the domain and The cookie is set for the aforementioned domain, for each browser and computer. If you therefore, for instance, visit our websites from home and work or with different browsers, you would have to set the cookie separately from each computer and browser.
You can object to data processing at any time under the following link:

13. Can I obtain information about my saved data?

You may request, free of charge, information on the scope, origin, and recipients of the stored data as well as the purpose of storage.