On the pulse of Industry Development

  • Supply Chain integration and collaboration
  • Digitisation of Supply Chain Management and mobility
  • Smart Logistics: Integration of production processes and logistics
Rajan Padayachee

Head of Sales


  • Growing M2M-device connections
  • Growing Ethernet penetration in new vehicles
  • Proliferating communicating client devices
  • Using automation by decreasing costs
  • Generating new business models
  • Increasing transparency and quality of services
  • Minimizing risks and pollution
  • Dynamic Cloud-Platform-Services
  • Big Data (SAP HANA, Hadoop)
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Device-to-Cloud Solutions
  • Stay connected with technical devices and systems
  • Manage machines remotely
  • Monitor present conditions
  • Automate and optimize processes
  • Identify critical situations