e-Health Solutions by T-Systems

The complete software solution for your cure or rehabilitation facility

T-Systems is one of the leaders in Africa healthcare solutions. We are able to draw on years of experience and it is our goal to improve the patient experience.

REHA.Complete - the all-embracing software solution for all your processes!

REHA.Complete is software especially designed for cure and rehabilitation facilities. Moreover, it incorporates administrative patient andministration and the medical documentation as well. REHA.Complete is the first solution of its kind to cover 100% of all requirements and needs of a rehabilitation institute.
REHA.Complete offers all-embracing functionality and can be operated as a cloud solution. It requires no client installation or client maintenance and naturally also works on end-user mobile devices.
No matter how you apply REHA.Complete, your data cannot be lost because of our security system. With the easy-to-maintain but performance-strong authorisation system, only selected individuals have accessto the system.
In the course of the installation of REHA.Complete, T-Systems will be side-byside with you to provide advisory services and also support you in your process optimisation. We are responsible for the realisation and
implementation, and on request, we will also take over the running operations for you.

REHA.Complete Overview: