Updating networks to meet today’s business and security requirements

Networks are the key to outstanding IT and business performance

State-of-the-art networks improve IT and business performance

Outdated technology can impede the operation of high-performance networks – and leave them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Reengineering the network from the ground up minimizes security risks, enables the implementation of quality of service, and enhances performance.

Local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN)

According to the EMC Digital Universe study, the volume of data is produced annually worldwide will rocket to a remarkable 44 trillion gigabytes – that is 44,000,000,000 gigabytes – by 2020. This would represent a ten-fold growth in data volumes compared to 2014. The study attributes this rapid rise to the Internet of Things and the “emergence of wireless technologies, smart products and software-defined businesses”. Moreover, by 2020, EMC expects that 40 percent of data will be ‘touched’ by the cloud.

Performance and quality

T-Systems draws on many years’ experience and expertise in the field of networks and network design. When it comes to networks, data volume is not the only factor to consider; overall performance – in other words, the quality of data transmission – is also critical, particularly for applications requiring real-time communications, such as M2M, telephony and videoconferencing.
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