This is how you can benefit from T-Systems' and VMware's strategic partnership.

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VMware and T-Systems – strong Cloud partners

Cloud computing at its best: T-Systems and VMware have been partners since 2005. Together the two companies offer high-performance and secure virtualization and cloud solutions.
vCloud Datacenter Services are at the center of the long-standing collaboration between T-Systems and VMware. Using this special cloud solution companies can easily and securely expand their IT infrastructures that have been virtualized with VMware technology with capacities from the private cloud. And if a company decides to outsource all of its existing IT, then this is also possible with no problems – without its own investment being lost when switching to the cloud.
The right solution
Infrastructure-as-a-service, or IaaS, from the cloud gives companies greater flexibility.

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Our partner for your competitive edge: VMware

The benefits are clear: Computing and storage capacities are available virtually at the push of a button as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from the cloud. If more short-term capacities are needed, customers can flexibly order these according to need. This not only saves costs but also helps create more agility and faster response speeds for new market developments and changed customer requirements. This way customers benefit from combined forces – the virtualization competence of VMware and the cumulative expertise of T-Systems in cloud computing – and can remain competitive.

V for versatile: VMware is involved as a partner – not only in vCloud Datacenter Services

T-Systems expanded its solution portfolio based on VMware technology in recent years in close cooperation with the virtualization expert. Some 15,000 servers are available for the Dynamic Services platform. What's more, VMware provides consultation support, such as within the scope of the Cloud Readiness Services (CRS) and Application Management and Modernization (AMM) solutions.
Because some 80 percent of new T-Systems SAP customers opt to go the cloud route, the strategic partnership was also expanded in this area. With Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions companies can obtain scalable SAP services from the private cloud.
The best of virtualization and cloud in one team: T-Systems and partner VMware
Seit 2005 ist VMware Partner von T-Systems. Seitdem arbeiten beide Unternehmen gemeinsam an innovativen Cloud-Lösungen.

Pioneer T-Systems is a certified VMware Partner

VMware is one of T-Systems' few strategic partners. Vice versa, T-Systems is the only certified VMware Partner in Germany for the provision of vCloud Datacenter Services. In addition, T-Systems has Global Consulting and Integration Partner (CIP) status: More than 200 certified employees who were trained by VMware for supporting virtualization solutions work at T-Systems.

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Your benefits from our partnership with VMware

  • Competence and experience:
    VMware technology combines with long-standing expertise by
  • Evolutionary solutions:
    Continuous expansion of the portfolio in accordance with new customer requirements
  • IT at the push of a button:
    Flexible provision of IT resources according to need – easy and fast
  • Power from the cloud:
    Dynamic Services platform with 15,000 cloud servers
  • Service at the highest level:
    More than 200 VMware-certified ICT experts
  • All-around security:
    Use of firewalls, secured networks and TwinCore data centers for data protection and reliability