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Networks and telephony in the age of digital data

Data traffic is rising constantly. Even voice is turned into data with SIP. Your network technology therefore needs to be redesigned.

A jack of all trades network: simple, great performance, secure, changeable

Digitalization places many different demands on corporate networks. Make your network multi-talented. You can find out which technologies are suitable here. And what if network management becomes too complex? Then our Managed Services can help.

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WAN and LAN boost digitalization

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We used to transmit data over voice networks. However, digitalization requires networks that are designed for mass data, which transmit voice as data, and meet many different requirements. This calls for new approaches for Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN).

Software-defined networking is certainly optimal for companies that pursue a multi-carrier strategy and want to increase the performance of their applications. A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) virtualizes the network. Admins can configure routers centrally, connect public clouds to company locations easily, and monitor the network in real time.

Is your WAN caught between high performance and costs?  The solution: our hybrid networks. An MPLS core network transmits data quickly, securely, and reliably with high data transmission quality. Internet VPNs are cost-effective all-rounders. Ethernet or optical lines enable higher bandwidths. For example, you can connect locations via an MPLS and internet hybrid and use the appropriate connection based on the security relevance of the data and applications.

To change traditional networks, IT departments must configure each router individually. That takes time. But your network has to keep up with the dynamic business? Then put your trust in our Managed LAN Services.

An increasing number of end devices can be found in LANs as a result of digitalization. These need to be managed and made secure. But LANs often consist of a historically grown collection of switches, Wi-Fi access points, and other devices. This makes it difficult to master new challenges. As part of the Managed LAN Services, T-Systems homogenizes your LANs and ensures smooth operation. The wireless network can also be adapted quickly via Wi-Fi from the cloud.

In the past, voice communication used to need its own network, but today you can use your data networks for it – thanks to VoIP. A central SIP gateway eliminates the need for a local telephony infrastructure: internal calls use the WAN and LAN, external calls are bundled and transferred to the public telephone network. Would you rather have one connection per location? We also make this possible with our local All-IP connections and SIP trunks.

Hybrid company networks

Find out more about hybrid networks and multi-cloud connections.

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