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AWS Well-Architected Review

The AWS Well-Architected Review methodology measures, improves, and optimizes workloads based on business and technical goals

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Optimal cloud architecture

One cloud, a thousand possibilities! But for all the benefits and options offered by applications from the cloud, companies should never lose sight of two things: security and efficiency. What's important here is a well thought out cloud architecture which takes account of all circumstances, requirements, and conventional best practices.

Getting the most out of cloud migrations

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The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps with this. It was specially developed to help cloud architects develop more fail-safe, better performing, and more efficient infrastructures for their applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer companies today extensive opportunities – and pose them a series of challenges at the same time: how can we get the best out of cloud migrations? How do we best deal with cloud-native application architectures? In this and other considerations, there is often the danger that security requirements are not sufficiently accounted for and this can lead to high costs. Because securely and reliably operating applications has been crucial for businesses for a long time now. Many applications are business-critical and can lead to high financial losses in the event of an outage.

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The well-architected review has been a strong boost for the TMA team and ensured that we could Go Live on AWS with confidence.

Zsolt Márin, application manager for TMA, Deutsche Telekom IT

Precise analysis, quick improvement

Together with AWS, T-Systems offers a custom-made solution to this end: the Well-Architected Review. During this process the existing cloud architectures are "put under the microscope" and improved. All existing applications are then subject to the most precise analysis. As a result, the customer receives valuable insights into the current application status. On the basis of individual analysis and evaluation by experts at T-Systems, actionable measures for improvement are generated immediately, which leads to more control and decreased risk. T-Systems works very closely with the company's application managers for the review to ensure their needs are taken into account. The re-design of the architecture always takes into account the most important components relating to security, availability, and efficiency.

Joint preliminary workshop

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Experienced and certified T-Systems architects begin the practical work with a joint workshop to precisely analyze the existing company architecture and define the first steps needed for optimization. The framework for the evaluation of the architecture here is based on the AWS best practices for the design and operation of cloud-based applications, the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This consists of five principles:

Operative excellence

Here the optimization of operations and the monitoring of the systems are in the foreground. The goal is the continuous improvement of the value chain through optimized structures and processes.


The protection of data and systems is of the highest priority. It concerns the measures for safeguarding confidentiality and data integrity, such as through suitable rights management or identifying security breaches through corresponding checks.

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Error notification and prompt, automated restoration of systems in the event of an outage ensure high reliability. The architecture is designed to recognize bottlenecks in resources early on and request capacities.


Optimal usage of AWS resources, including for fluctuating demand and various system requirements and technologies. The selection of the right services and types of resources, in addition to the consideration of modern architectural paradigms, such as serverless, for example, are the focal point here.

Cost optimization

An extensive analysis and adaptation of resources takes place to avoid/reduce unnecessary costs. Capacity reservations and the optimization of resources are possible steps here.

Benefits for the customer

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Businesses that choose an AWS Well-Architected Review with T-Systems can use cloud environments and functions as effectively and efficiently as possible, scale their applications flexibly, and thereby fulfill all important security aspects simultaneously. The tangible added value:

  • Quicker development and provision of applications
  • Reduction of risks
  • Well-founded decisions
  • Learning from AWS best practices
  • Evaluation from an impartial "third party"
  • Development of a continuous improvement plan

This is how an AWS Well-Architected Review proceeds at T-Systems:

in an initial telephone consultation, the applications which need reviewing are selected. Customer queries are answered and additional framework conditions are discussed.

For logical reasons, the review takes place on site – together with the technical experts and those responsible for the applications within the company. The selected application is presented during the review. Here the purpose, architecture, and requirements are considered and discussed in detail, in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. As a rule, around 4-5 hours are estimated for the duration of this stock-taking process.

In the second stage, the actual work of the AWS experts at T-Systems begins: the results are evaluated and concrete improvement measures are developed. The customer then receives a non-binding proposal for a road map for the implementation of the middle and long-term measures.
Finally the question is put to the company itself: the concrete implementation and corresponding schedule is decided by the customer. Upon request, the AWS experts will happily make service credits available for the implementation of the optimal cloud architecture with T-Systems.

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