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"Digitalization opens up almost infinite technological possibilities. The NINA warning app is an example of how citizens’ lives can be made not only easier, but also safer. Thanks to the powerful infrastructure provided by T-Systems, more than three million users can at present be notified of emergencies accurately, quickly and effectively. Some two billion push notifications were sent in May 2018 alone."
Jakob Rehbach, BBK

The BBK’s mobile warning app NINA notifies users of current emergencies

All key details are sent free to the user’s cellphone via push notifications
A traffic accident has caused a hazardous substance to leak from a vehicle. A major fire has broken out nearby. The weather is turning, bringing heavy downpours and strong winds. NINA, the emergency information and news app from Germany’s Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (the BBK), broadcasts warnings of these and many other emergencies. It is a free app that uses push notifications to issue important warnings and information directly to citizens and gives users the option of receiving information that is relevant to a specific location. Besides displaying any current national or regional warnings, the app also relays information from the German Meteorological Service (GMS) and the current water levels advised by the federal states’ flood control centers. In addition, NINA advises the general public on what to do in certain incidents and offers general advice for preparing for potential risks. Users can choose between a list or map view to get a well-structured overview of all current notifications. T-Systems supports this service by providing the high-performance infrastructure needed to allow the app to reach its currently three million users within 30 seconds.

Security, stability and instant availability

Data protection and security are the top priority, particularly in public institutions. At the same time, the solution has to function impeccably at all times to ensure it can be relied on to issue warnings in an emergency. These were therefore the main criteria when it came to selecting the right partner for operating the app. T-Systems supplies a failsafe, redundant, powerful infrastructure using German data centers that meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements while ensuring maximum performance throughout 24/7 operation based on individual SLAs. What’s more, its flexibly scalable capacities mean that the planned expansion to five million users by 2020 can be achieved without any problems. The BBK and T-Systems worked together to successfully roll out the joint project in just four months. Together, the BBK’s modular warning system (MoWaS), which links up with radio, TV and sirens, for example, and the NINA warning app for mobile end devices, which is now up and running, provide comprehensive coverage for effectively alerting the population in an emergency.

More about reference Germany’s Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)

  • The BBK pools all civil protection-related tasks throughout Germany in one central organizational element.
  • The BBK covers all the areas and departments involved in civil protection and links them together to form an effective protection system for the population and its vital resources.
  • Digitalization of Germany’s federal ministries.
  • Developing an app to augment the existing warning systems (TV and radio, sirens, Internet, etc.) pooled in the modular warning system (MoWaS).
  • Delivering maximum reliability and performance.
  • Guaranteeing data protection and security.
  • Potential expansion to between 80 and 100 million users.
  • Advice on fulfilling special requirements.
  • Provision and ITIL-compliant operation of a high-availability platform with redundant design for the warning app, including satellite link.
  • Connection to the mobile warning system.
  • Push notifications that can currently reach three million users within 30 seconds.
  • Top priority for data protection and security.
  • Potential for flexible expansion.
  • Fast implementation and extension thanks to partnering.
  • Failsafe due to redundant infrastructure.
  • Milestone in civil protection.
  • Alerts citizens to present dangers directly, reliably and, if desired, on a location-specific basis.
  • Rapidly provides information on what to do in emergencies.
T-Systems International GmbH

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