T-Systems implementiert für Döres eine auf Salesforce programmierte App, die mobiles und effizientes Arbeiten ermöglicht.
T-Systems implements a Salesforce-based app for Döres that facilitates mobile and efficient working.

Döres AG

With Salesforce Döres AG has implemented a solution from the deepest conviction. The features of the Cloud solution are now being successfully used both in-house and for Döres customers. Employees are enthusiastic about the new digital working experience. Licenses and support? They are supplied by T-Systems.
Live digitally, work freely, be closer to customers and operate successfully on the market – for Döres, digitalization now means more than a credo. Firstly, it was the trigger for their own path into the cloud and became then with Salesforce an important offer in their own portfolio. The IT consulting and integration specialists selected the Telekom Cloud as their new IT platform.


Döres received appropriate licenses and support services for the introduction of Salesforce from T-Systems. Immediately, Döres went on the market offensive and developed TaskCockpit®. The new mobile app for more efficient Salesforce usage can be installed on any device. Meanwhile, Salesforce as a platform and TaskCockpit® as an organizational tool became indispensable for Döres for completing their daily tasks efficiently. TaskCockpit® now holds a leading position in their own portfolio.
With the help of Salesforce, employees and customers of Döres have an instant overview of all tasks – their own and delegated. Unnecessary email traffic gave way to speed. Instead, there are smart intuitive services and agile workflows. Additionally, you just need one simple action to create the previously time-consuming project documentation: one mouse click.

More about Döres AG reference

  • Consulting and integration partner for entry into digital working
  • Supports Telekom in the field of Salesforce implementation
  • Eliminated almost all fixed jobs in 2004
  • Transparency of all tasks
  • Control of processes
  • Security
  • Mobile working – use of different devices to access tasks
  • Velocity – access to documents and processes anytime and anywhere
  • Simple, self-explanatory operation
  • Implementation of Salesforce
  • Construction of the App TaskCockpit®, specially programmed for Salesforce which enables mobile working
  • Configuration of an agile workflow
  • Tool for immediate transparency in the organization
  • Own and delegated tasks at a glance – anytime, anywhere
  • Adjustable to personal requirements
  • Email traffic becomes redundant due to transparent processes
  • Tasks accessible with any device
  • Automatically generated project documentation
  • Intuitive operation