SAP-Services Ende-zu-Ende: T-Systems begleitet Unternehmen auf dem Weg zu einem digitalen Echtzeitunternehmen mit SAP.


Benefiting from SAP services with E2E support

SAP services end to end: T-Systems assists companies on the way to becoming a digital real-time company with SAP.

Utilize the advantages of SAP services with E2E support.

  • SAP services as digitization enabler
  • Benefit from maximum transparency and flexibility
  • Individual transformation process thanks to tailored solutions
  • End-to-end support from a competent partner
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With end-to-end support, there is no need to fear SAP transformation

Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions with Run-on-Satisfaction

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Speeding up business processes, optimizing data analyses and communicating in real time – according to PAC, businesses nowadays are relying on SAP solutions to achieve these key goals. In the field of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the SAP landscape is regarded as an enabler for the digital transformation – a source of major challenges for companies. These include expanding their business models and developing entirely new skills alongside their core business in order to cope with data complexity and tap into new areas of business.
SAP makes this possible and reduces IT operating costs by an average of 37 percent. However, migrating to SAP and switching to SAP S/4HANA by 2025 as currently required is virtually impossible without assistance. Especially as the SAP roadmap is so agile that it is difficult to find the right time for switching. According to the PAC study, around 80 percent of all companies therefore seek external support. In order to cope with the complex migration procedure, an end-to-end service which provides professional support for all steps is needed. As reported by the Experton Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016, however, this is only offered by one provider in the German market: only T-Systems offers seamless, comprehensive support for customers migrating to SAP services from the cloud. The study also praises not only T-Systems’ great flexibility and transparency but also its “outstanding end-to-end connection.”

SAP migration – geared to companies’ individual needs

Wherever companies happen to be on the road to digitization, T-Systems provides tailored solutions and helps them on the way to becoming a digital real-time company with SAP. Some companies want to overhaul their entire SAP system landscape and switch to new, data-driven business models. Others prefer a less disruptive approach and are only changing specific processes or are replacing their existing database with SAP HANA. Digitization can be achieved in even smaller steps – if companies increase their efficiency by gradually making new additions. T-Systems supports customers throughout the process – as a certified SAP partner with many years of experience and comprehensive 24/7 customer service.
The right solution
Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions
The solution benefits from constantly updated security solutions from T-Systems’ data centers, offering the maximum possible levels of data security.

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The easy and risk-free way to a future with SAP

Many companies fear the migration to SAP owing to the difficulty in estimating the work and investment involved. T-Systems allows a risk-free trial run. With the Cloudifier offering, companies can order a suitable starter package and try out all the possibilities of the SAP HANA real-time forecast in the highly secure cloud on a non-binding basis and at minimal cost. With the Un-outsourcer offering, anyone who is worried about long-term contracts can obtain SAP services with a special right of termination. With an entire portfolio individually geared to customers’ needs, T-Systems is the proven end-to-end partner for a smooth transformation to SAP services from the cloud.