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Expert advice on mobilizing your business

Mobile Consulting from T-Systems offers you attractive consulting packages to suit all needs. They make it easy for you to get started and help you to cope with a multitude of mobile challenges. With our holistic approach and end-to-end expertise from a single source, this service will help you achieve your new mobile company quickly.

Mobile Screening

Identifying mobile potential, selecting ideas
Do you recognize the opportunities offered by mobility and would you like to take advantage of them in the future? Our experts offer focused screening for this purpose – where is the mobile potential in your company and how can it be used to increase turnover and efficiency?
Content: On the basis of an analysis of your company, we look at your products and services, customer and partner interaction as well as your internal processes. Your mobile fields of use are then identified and undergo a qualified potential assessment. The mobile screening also includes a use case profile and recommendations. As a result, flagship projects can be initiated.
  • Identifying mobile fields of use including a potential assessment
  • Solution building block outline with use case profile
Duration: From one day’s consultancy.

Mobile Designing

Substantiating ideas and presenting them as prototypes
Are you looking for innovative approaches in order to develop new mobile applications? Mobile Designing makes use of various creative techniques in order to successfully implement your ideas. Our experts work with you to come up with solutions from a customer perspective.
Content: When faced with a large number of ideas, you learn how to select the best ones. We help you to select the necessary technical infrastructure for implementing these ideas. As a result, you can measurably increase customer satisfaction with the right apps later on.
  • Identifying and developing a promising idea (defined use case) for mobilizing a selected process (internal solution or customer app)
  • Developing the concept in the form of a presentation
Duration: One day’s consultancy.

Mobile Building

Implementing and validating selected ideas
You would like an app and you know that only smart and user-friendly apps have a chance of being accepted on today’s market. With our consultancy, you can develop a mobile, future-proof app – including guaranteed conformity with the relevant app store guidelines.
Content: Experts analyze your mobile strategy, advise you regarding non-functional requirements and help you to make a decision regarding the technical implementation of your app. Communication with backend systems, interface management and security are also taken into account.
  • Solution outlines, architectures including feasibility check
  • Proof of concept for architectural issues including a recommendation as to the technologies used
  • Recommendation: Producing a report on the desired app
Duration: From 25 day’s consultancy.

Mobile Security

Using mobility, ensuring security
You know that mobile end devices have access to business-critical data. Are you wondering how you can take advantage of the potential offered by mobile end devices while ensuring maximum security?
Content: You are given an introduction to mobile end device security as well as an analysis of your situation while focusing on any existing risks. Our experts then develop a tailored approach for you. You are given the opportunity to integrate your mobile end devices into your existing infrastructure and protect them against attacks – in order to protect your valuable company assets.
  • Secure integration into the ICT infrastructure
  • Choice of security service, e.g. authentication, encryption
  • Protection against advanced attacks and security risks (e.g. in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) situations)
Duration: From two day’s consultancy.

Mobile Strategy

Taking full advantage of the potential of mobile applications
You would like strategic access to the mobility potential for your company – with a roadmap for the rollout. Our experts come up with an integrated mobile first target scenario. What products and services are to be mobilized? How can you optimize your customer and partner interaction as well as your processes?
Content: After documenting the business processes to be mobilized, you receive a recommendation regarding technical implementation as well as an overview of the systems to be taken into account. The workshop is rounded off by a cost/benefit analysis of your mobile enterprise strategy.
  • Individual target scenario and potential use cases
  • Evaluating the effects of the new target scenario on the management of mobile technologies for processes, corporate governance and security
  • Strategic roadmap with recommendations
Duration: From 30 day’s consultancy.