T-Systems helps companies on their way to the cloud with solutions for system integration.
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Digitization with end-to-end support

T-Systems helps companies on their way to the cloud with solutions for system integration.

T-Systems helps companies on their way to the cloud with one-stop solutions.

  • Migrating company IT to the cloud
  • Backup solution with manageable costs
  • Business Intelligence for Industry 4.0
  • Mobile: standardized or individual
Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Industry
Study: Status Quo, Approach, Customer Needs, Decision Paths in Western Europe (Frenus, 2017)
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Digitization allows mobile working, the remote maintenance of machines and a reduction in the burden on IT

December 2015: The Christmas video message from Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche was viewed by so many users that the company server collapsed. Seconds after the start of ticket sales for concerts by the singer Adele, the organizer Eventim’s ticket shop collapsed owning to high demand. On New Year’s Eve, the popular WhatsApp messaging service reported a server overload because millions of people tried to send New Year’s greetings at the same time.

Digitization of the economy requires new IT structures

Successful digitization
Integration remains the magic word. Only truly integrated systems will help companies to successfully digitize their business processes. Take a look at our digitization projects and be inspired by the ideas.

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Three companies, three examples: They show how the increasing digitization of business processes can affect existing IT infrastructures. If a large number of users access a service such as a media library, online catalog, livestream or order page simultaneously, servers that have easily coped with data traffic in the past can suddenly fail. More and more companies must therefore check their existing IT as the digitization of the economy progresses.

Expanding legacy IT into the cloud

Companies are faced with a choice: Do they upgrade their own IT infrastructure and adapt it to the new requirements? Or do they use capacities offered by external service providers? Many companies decide to outsource their entire IT, while others keep their core system within their own data center but cover themselves with a virtual expansion into the cloud – whether it be to gain additional capacity or as a backup solution.

System integration with cost brakes

But how does a company get its system into the cloud in order to take advantage of this flexibility? The digital transformation must be secure, must not cost too much and must allow operations to continue trouble-free. A system integrator with multi-cloud know-how and experience of migrating systems from data centers to the cloud is needed. T-Systems has bundled together the know-how needed for digitization in the Cloudifier – in manageable fixed-price packages.

Business intelligence and end-to-end support

Many companies are also dealing with the topics IoT and Industry 4.0 – in the context of remote maintenance for example. Simply connecting machines via M2M is not enough. How does the CIO get the machine data, where are they stored and how can they be prepared in a useful way? The business intelligence specialists at T-Systems take care of this. The sensor data is collected and processed in the Cloud of Things. The customer can deal selectively with information, using only what they need for their work. T-Systems takes on responsibility end to end – from the potential analysis, development, consultancy, testing, implementation and operation on the machines to support, maintenance and application upkeep – all with the Zero Outage quality promise.

Dynamic Workplace and Mobile AppFactory

The workplace too is changing as a result of the digitization of the economy. The T-Systems Dynamic Workplace offers virtual applications from the private cloud. The user only requires a screen and can take up work where they left off – anywhere and with any device. With the Mobile AppFactory, T-Systems also offers its customers tailored strategies for mobile working including consultancy, app development and operation.