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Corporate governance through conviction

Our ethical policies

Our expectations are high...

for ourselves, our actions, and our behavior. This applies as much to our board of directors as our around 37,500 employees across the globe.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer delight and simplicity drive our action

We don't just want customers to be satisfied, but want to delight them with our services.

Respect and integrity guide our behavior

We respect our co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers. We support the success of T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom with an open, honest culture.

Team together – Team apart

We aim to discuss issues openly within the team. There has to be room for differences of opinion and for tough, controversial discussions. Once a decision has been made, however, it must be implemented thoroughly and consistently by all team players.

Best place to perform and grow

Our success is based on motivated, well-trained employees. That's why this Guiding Principle requires all management staff to recognize individual commitment and success and to promote a positive environment with opportunities for growth and development.

I am T – count on me

I stand for the T (T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom): customers, co-workers and partners can rely on me.

Smiling businessman in the office in front of colleagues

T-Systems South Africa, view IT governance as part of corporate governance pertaining to IT processes to support the business goals of our customers. It is an integral part of our enterprise governance. Our leadership, organisational structures and processes are setup to ensure that our IT services sustain and extend our strategies and objectives to fulfil the requirements of our parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG.

High standards are also applied to our partners

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For us, corporate governance doesn't stop with our company. We take care to ensure that our suppliers and partners also conform to all legal and ethical guidelines, as well as upholding the same high standards within their business that we do in ours.

T-Systems has internationally adopted behavioral guidelines and ethical standards for the company and its employees through its own code of practice, the code of conduct, and the social charter. We expect that our suppliers, investors, and business partners follow similar codes of conduct and commit to upholding the social charter.

Our collective goal is to create value for people through innovative, reliable products and services. Our Group mission statement encourages excellent performance and integrity. Where necessary, we sanction poor behavior consequentially and decisively. In this way, we aim to succeed in the market and recognize our responsibility.

Corporate governance with our customers

With our help, our customers have greater flexibility to concentrate on their core business. We support them with all of their services, including on the subject of corporate governance.

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Our customers are utilising complex IT environments and are requiring increasingly interconnected systems to remain competitive. 

IT management is therefore under pressure to deliver more agile, reliable, flexible and scalable IT services. Therefore, our customers will need both IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Service Governance (ITSG) principles, to ensure successful IT service provisioning. T-Systems can support our customers with both.

With cloud adoption and the required change in the IT provisioning model, our customers will need to update or evolve their current IT governance functions to realize the business value obtained with cloud computing services. T-Systems already adopted cloud governance and can assist where required. 

The T-Systems workforce is certified and experienced in the following standards, frameworks and best practices that contribute to IT governance. ITIL, SIAM, COBIT and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 and ISO/IEC 20000-2:2011, ISO/IEC 27000, CMMI.

Business Continuity is done for T-Systems as an organisation, based on our Security Policy, and aligned with ISO 22301. The policy addresses loss of premises, unavailability of personnel, unavailability of technology and unavailability of suppliers.  The policy is underpinned by Deutsche Telecoms BC policy. TSSA is audited against the policy and successfully passed the ISO22301. 

Due to the internet-based computing platform of cloud computing, a loss of security control can be experienced over the cloud-hosted assets. The T-Systems’ cloud platform is audited annually by an external auditing company against the ISO/IEC 27000 security standard. 

Keep on the button with environmental protection with IT governance

Sustainability is also important in the IT sector. In the broader sense, the compliance with environmental goals likewise contributes to corporate governance. T-Systems supports you and your IT managers in pursuing your business goals for your company in a sustainable way. As it belongs to our own set of principles to develop environmentally-friendly and sustainable IT solutions (green IT), along with quantified analyses. Through intelligent data management and IT-based real-time communication, you can reduce economical and ecological costs. Despite all of our control mechanisms and auditing processes, we can't forget the human factor. Should an irregularity or instance of misconduct come to your attention in your business relationships, we ask you to provide evidence in our whistleblower portal. We also count this as part of good corporate governance, alongside IT governance, and as a requirement for a long-term and successful customer relationship.

We look forward to your project!

We are happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitization plans. Get in touch!

Whistleblower portal

For us, it's all about also sticking to our high expectations in day-to-day working life, that is, both in terms of business relationships and services. If we don't achieve this for some reason, we expressly ask for evidence of this, whether this be from customers, employees, business partners, investors, or other stakeholders. Moreover, we have set up our own whistleblower portal, through which you can submit complaints on accounting, auditing, and any other subjects. You can also do this anonymously if desired. We will follow up on all evidence provided.

Code of conduct for T-Systems South Africa Download here

Anonymous Tip-off Line

Implementation period for a greater proportion of women in the workforce

Description of the specifications, as well as of achieving the target percentage of women on the supervisory board, executive board, and at both leadership levels beneath the executive board, by the end of the first implementation period

According to §36 and §52 par. 2 GmbhG

In line with the "Gesetz für die gleichberechtigte Teilhabe von Frauen und Männern an Führungspositionen in der Privatwirtschaft und im öffentlichen Dienst" (Law for the equal participation of women and men in management positions in private business and public service), it is mandatory to regularly specify target percentages for women on the supervisory board, executive board, and at both leadership levels beneath the executive board, as well as the deadlines for their implementation. The results of the achieved goals should be reported after the deadline of each respective implementation period.

The responsible bodies implementing this have to meet the legal requirements for the [business] specifications on target percentages and implementation periods. The first implementation period has already ended. The specifications and report on target achievement for the end of the first implementation period are accessible via Deutsche Telekom AG's website.

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