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Get Faster with DevOps and SRE

Learn how DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) can increase the pace of development and ensure stable operations

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Speed is key

Innovative capacity and speed are two of the main benefits motivating companies to get involved with the AWS Cloud. AWS infrastructure and platform services open the door to the agile world, but only agile methods such as DevOps unlock the full potential of agility. 

Development and operations from a single source


Until now, development and operations were different worlds. Different tools, methods, and goals determined the work of the two domains. Companies that think cloud-natively resolve the gaps between development and operations. With DevOps. DevOps uses five central maxims: 

  • Breaking down organizational silos
  • Error acceptance
  • (Multiple) small development steps
  • Far-reaching automation
  • Collection of data

DevOps generates speed and business benefits

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This means that new applications and features can be rolled out more quickly – and with the innovations implemented, companies give themselves the decisive competitive edge. But what use are new features if the applications become unstable? No company can afford malfunctions. The increase in speed needs to be accompanied by high operating quality. 

How to change tires at 200 kilometers per hour

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Stable operations with site reliability engineering

High operating quality is not a new issue. But the higher speed, the professional handling of errors – this requires new approaches for reliable operations. Site reliability engineering (SRE) applies DevOps principles to IT operations. It develops the software engineering mindset. With SRE, agile development has the perfect partner on the operations side. This also works across company boundaries.

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The age of cloud nativity

Agility requires more than just a cloud-native approach. For example, it needs agile methods such as DevOps, but even that is not enough. Read more in our whitepaper.

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