T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

Fourfold leader for software-defined networking

"T-Systems has taken very active measures to offer both a direct changeover to SD-WAN services through the startup ngena, as well as an incremental migration path." – ISG 2018

Provider Lens™: Software Defined Networking & Services, Germany 2018

In the current Provider Lens on the topic of "Software Defined Networking & Services" in the German market, the Information Services Group (ISG) named T-Systems and Telekom a Leader in the categories of Managed WAN Services, Managed SD-WAN Services, and Value-Added Network Services. In these areas, T-Systems is the leader with the highest portfolio attractiveness and greatest competitive strength.
The reasons for this top position in the current Technology Research include the new wholesale model with ngena, an alliance between a number of telecommunications partners, and a broad, clearly structured portfolio, which incorporates the factors of quality and security in all three categories.
Deutsche Telekom was also named a Leader in Mobility 4G-5G Services based on its outstanding competitive strength.
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Laut Technology Research von ISG sind T-Systems und Telekom vierfache Leader für „Software Defined Networking & Services“.

Strengths in Managed SD-WAN Services:

  • Leading WAN operator in the German market, with heavy focus on managed SD-WAN services
  • New wholesale model with ngena
  • Provision of SD network technology to business customers of other network operators
  • Offer of immediate managed SD-WAN switchover through ngena, as well as incremental SD-WAN migration through T-Systems' established WAN portfolio
  • Early implementation of a managed SD-WAN service portfolio for customers, beating many competitors

Strengths in Managed WAN Services:

  • IP network with the greatest coverage in Germany
  • Connectivity with many other locations
  • NNI-based links to many network operators for near-global coverage
  • Broad range of offers from a strong security portfolio, WAN and LAN services, and a number of different packages
  • Coverage of complex, individual customer requirements
  • Strong positioning in sales, marketing, and network operations
  • Clearly structured network portfolio and focus on innovation
  • Strategic planning and implementation of portfolio upgrades

Strengths in Value-Added Network Services:

  • Value-added network services like UCC with global availability in combination with managed WAN and LAN services, based on consistent SLAs
  • Monitoring of quality and security through the latest, best technologies and NOCs
  • Broad portfolio of network services combined with cloud-based applications, unified communications and collaboration, enterprise managed mobility, IP telephony, and much more
  • Largest market share with strong position and high cross-selling potential for value-added services

Strengths in Mobility 4G-5G Services:

  • Deutsche Telekom is the leading mobile communications provider in Germany
  • In-depth expertise with 5G technology
  • One of the leading providers of managed SD network services and enterprise mobility services
  • Technically integrated, combined offerings
  • Optimization and enhancements to mobility services based on SDN technology
  • Identifies the needs of individual mobility customers

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