T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

A Leader in Software Defined-Wide Area Network Services Global

"T-Systems offers an extensive enterprise managed SD-WAN portfolio, based on a dense network with a strong international footprint." – ISG 2018
Henning Heinrich
Henning Heinrich

Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning and Influencer Management

Provider Lens™: Software Defined Networking & Services, Global 2018

The Information Services Group (ISG) has positioned T-Systems as a leader in managed software-defined wide area network (WAN) services as part of its global analysis of "Software Defined Networking & Services".
In addition to complete coverage of the European market with high-quality services, ISG emphasizes T-Systems' strategic international partnerships – including with BT, Telefonica and PCCW. With this ecosystem, Deutsche Telekom's corporate customers arm can supply customers all over the world with both classic and managed SDN and SD-WAN services.
In their rating, ISG also recognized the company's specific, custom-tailored solutions for certain sectors of industry, as well as enterprise-wide packages. The analysts also acknowledged their logically structured network portfolio and clearly defined innovation initiatives.


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Sourcing-Berater ISG bestätigt im aktuellen Benchmark: T-Systems gehört zu den globalen Leadern für Managed SD-WAN Services.

Strengths in Managed SD-WAN Services Global:

  • Comprehensive global network by T-Systems
  • Clearly structured network portfolio
  • WAN, SD-WAN, LAN, SD-LAN, and enterprise-wide solutions (such as UCC)
  • Mobile solutions for accelerator, security, and management
  • Strong security portfolio
  • Satisfaction of complex, individual customer requirements
  • Clearly defined, well-financed innovation initiatives
  • Quality service in Europe and many other international markets
  • Strategic planning and execution of portfolio upgrades

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